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Blessed Herbs

 Essiac Tea Formula

This is the tea developed by Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse. Included with the Blessed Herbs  bag of formula tea, you will find a set of instructions on how to prepare it. It contains only the highest quality ingredients.



Origin of Essiac.  Essiac, given its name by Rene Caisse ("caisse" spelt backwards), consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original formula is believed to have its roots from the native Canadian Ojibway Indians.


Burdock root (cut) certified organic - 6.5 cups. Sheep Sorrel (powder) wild harvested - 16 oz. Slippery Elm bark (powder) wild harvested - 4 oz. Turkey Rhubard root (powder) wild harvested - 1 oz.


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