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Natural-Detox we are dedicated to Keeping Ourselves Healthy So that we can stay out of the health care system in the first place. We believe Detoxifying the body is the key to Good Health and Longevity 


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 I am sharing with you  my experience with the natural detox products I have tried.  I have never been to a doctor to treat illness although I was very ill a few years ago.  I was not disgesting my food I had no enzymes left.  My body began to shut down.  My vision started to blur, I had no energy.  I was starving to death in a bloated inflamed overweight body.  Although living with my very supportive life partner, I felt I alone and I was afraid I was Dying.   


I began to detoxify my body using natural methods rather than using the Western Medicine approach to mask symptoms with medication.  Today I feel Better than ever.  I look Better and Feel Younger Naturally, and you can too.  


I examined the plethera of Natural Remedies  available for Natural-Detox.  The Detox Health Products featured on my website here are the health products I found very effective in detoxing my body.    Just like changing the oil in your car, remove the sludge from your engine keeping the body running clean, will add years to your life*.


Cleansing is a natural, an everyday process of the body.   Eliminating toxins is essential to our survival.   Natural Detox is the doorway to optimal health.   In today's highly polluted world, our normal body processes can be easily overwhelmed.    When this happens we begin to accumulate toxins.   Our bodies try to protect us from these toxins by storing them in our cells, mucus, and fat, waiting for a time when they can be eliminated.


  If your feeling sluggish, a lack if vitality, losing your zest for life, take a minute and look at from some of the suggestions here in this website.  I have tried all of them and I can tell you I have become younger in the process.   Natural Detox is key to a healthy life.  There is no silver bullet here.  You must take  care of yourself.  I welcome your questions and comments and would like to hear about your Natural Detox experiences. Contact Webmaster at the bottom of the page. 


     Take Good Care,

                                                                             Leslie Turner, Webmaster







Cancer Can Not Survive in an Alkaline Body

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Dear One's,


Should you wish to visit my personal Nature’s Sunshine Web site at: http://www.mynsp.com/Natural-Detox


My site has Nature’s Sunshine products from A to Z and Weekly Specials. The specials change weekly so be sure to keep coming back.


If you have any questions about the products, you can contact me. I’m here to help. Nature’s Sunshine has really helped me improve my health and well-being.  I’m sure you will see results just like me. I am here to assist you and have the knowledge to help you select the best products for you.




Leslie Turner,

NSP Herb Specialist






 Natural Cancer Treatment

 Cancer can not survive in an alkaline body.




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