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Natural Cancer Treatments

We are bringing this information for Natural Cancer Treatments to the internet to educate interested people in regard to some of the alternative treatments available today.


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What is Protease ?


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Protease is an Enzyme.


Proteases are essential for the synthesis of all proteins, controlling protein composition, size, shape, turnover and ultimate destruction.

Their actions are exquisitely selective, each protease being

responsible for splitting very specific sequences of amino acids

under a preferred set of environmental conditions.


Protease is responsible for digesting proteins in your food, which is probably one of the most difficult substances to metabolize.

Some feel that Protease is the Most Important Enzyme That There is.

It is said that taking protease in higher quantities can clean up our body due to being able to remove unwanted protein from our circulatory system.


Protease also helps to clean up the Blood for the same reasons.

Cleaning up your blood can most certainly lead to MORE energy

and your life being better in every way.


This will help to clean up your blood stream, and restore your energy and balance.


Abnormal or Bad Cells often times hide in large proteins that your body thinks is normal. Tricky, isn’t it. Large Amounts of Protease is said to be able to remove the outer shell of this protein so that our body can use its defenses to get rid of the abnormal cell.  Protease is Very Effective in fighting Colds and Flu.


Protease is Also Said to fight the growth of Cancerous Tumors.


Protease helps with healing and recovery from cancer by dissolving the fibrin coating on the cancer cells and giving your immune system a chance to do its job.


Protease can shrink cancerous tumors by helping to remove the dead and abnormal tissues, and stimulating healthy tissue to grow.

Protease is a group of enzymes whose function is to breakdown the peptide bonds of proteins. They are also called Proteolytic Enzymes or Proteinases. There are several types of protease in this group.


Examples of Protease includes fungal protease, pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, papain, bromelain, and subtilisin.

Proteolytic Enzymes are important in digestion, they breakdown protein foods and liberate the amino acids that our body needs.


Proteolytic Enzymes are used in healing inflammatory conditions, immune deficiencies and are VERY useful in Oncolgy.


Oncology is the branch of medicine in which studies tumors,

cancer, and seeks to understand their development,

diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.


I do not feel that Traditional Medicine really Tries to Understand what REALLY causes cancerous cells. THEY seem to think that Diet has No Role In treating or Preventing cancer. Folks, Make sure you do your OWN homework and take NO ONES word for anything that effects your life.


Pancreas Production


Some Pancreas Function is not optimum and the pancreas cannot take the assault of sugar that the modern diet puts on it. White sugar and processed foods are JUST to much for the Pancreas at times and this affects the creation of protease by our bodies



Enzyme action begins when food substances first enter the mouth, continues in the stomach, than the small intestine, pancreas and liver before the digestive process moves to the large intestines. The pancreas produces protease, which is designed to break down proteins into smaller proteins and amino acids. Protease enzymes are also found in the stomach and the intestinal fluids.



Without Protease, Proteins can Remain Undigested and this can make it so that we will not absorb nutrition. We eat and eat and we gain weight ,but we are still hungry because we are not absorbing nutrition. Overloads of stimulates and sugar causes our pancreas to NOT do its job and to SHUT down the proper creation of protease. We starve to death but yet we gain weight. Our body, lacking the nutrients it needs begins to decline and as the months and years pass in this state we begin to fail one cell, one organ at a time. And pain sets in as toxins build a back up.


Therefore, Protease is a Key in OUR entire Health.

What IF the Most Important prevention of cancer is to take pancreatic enzymes ?



The building up of excess protein creates hiding places for viruses and parasites. Get rid of the excess in your body and the Bad Guys have NO WHERE to hide.


What if a deficiency in Protease Enzymes can actually cause that pain you feel in your joints, cause those allergies you have to foods and sinus allergies.


What if a deficiency in Protease Enzymes shuts down your immune system, causes your muscles to weaken, causes infection, creates a state of Canadensis in your body, cause constipation or diarrhea, cause fungal infections and yeast infections, problems with your gums, hearing problems, sinusitis, urinary infections, hormonal imbalances and an overall weakened immune system.



Proper Enzymes in your body MAY just be the KEY to ALL that Ails you, All that Fails you and may give you a Better Life than you have known in Years.


Protease Supplements


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