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Giving You Energy to Adapt


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AdaptaMax (100 capsules)

Stock No. 872-9




7-Keto (30 capsules)
Stock No. 2922-4

• Helps increase metabolism.
• May help lower the body’s Wt. set pt.
• Supports Body's immune system



 5-HTP Power

5-HTP Power (60)

Stock No. 2806-4

• Improves sleep quality and duration.
• Supports the nervous system and enhances mood.
• May help decrease feelings of hunger.





Nature's Sunshine Product
Giving You Energy to Adapt 


 Changes can be difficult. Adapting to a new town, a new job, a new phase in life is challenging. Just as our hearts and minds need to learn to adapt to new or stressful situations, our bodies encounter circumstances that require energy and adaptability. They face the effects of stress, pollution and metabolic wastes.

AdaptaMax is full of adaptogenic power. The ingredients in this formula provide needed energy and support the body in its efforts to combat these stressors.



• Supports the immune system.

• Provides energy to overcome stress.

• May improve mood.

• Fights oxidative cellular damage.



Adaptogens help the body buffer the effects of stress and adapt to stressful situations. AdaptaMax’s adaptogenic strength comes from

Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Korean ginseng, ashwaganda, rosemary, Gynostemma pentaphyllum and schizandra.

Together these herbs help the body cope with a variety of stressful conditions, including stress on the immune system, fatigue and aging. They fight oxidative cellular damage, energize the body, support positive mood and stimulate the immune system.

Other ingredients in this formula include astragalus, reishi mushroom, suma and

Ginkgo biloba concentrate—to fortify the immune system and help protect the body from the consequences of stress. Alfalfa, kelp, chromium and a fruit and vegetable base provide nutrients to nourish the body’s cells.



NSP AdaptaMax is an exclusive combination that combines powerful adaptogens with other nutrient-rich, immune-supporting herbs for a complete, energizing formula.



  • Studies show adaptogens’ power to help the body combat stress. Rhodiola, in particular, may help the body overcome fatigue while eleuthero has been shown to stimulate immune response.



AdaptaMax contains Korean ginseng root extract, rhodiola root extract, eleuthero root, gynostemma whole plant extract, ashwagandha root, schizandra fruit, suma bark, alfalfa aerial parts, astragalus root, kelp leaves and stems, reishi mushroom, rosemary leaves extract, ginkgo leaves concentrate and chromium in a protector herb base.



Take 2 capsules with a meal, two to three times daily.



• Nutritional:

Energ-V®, B-Complex, Stress-J.

• Homeopathic:

Distress Remedy, Nervousness.

• Essential Oils:

Lavender Fine AOC, Eucalyptus Bio.


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