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Parasite Cleanse

"Only about 25% of those with unwanted guests will actually develop observable signs. Most unwanted guest infestations go unnoticed."     Blessed Herbs Co-founder and herbalist: Martha Volchok, AHG 


the Para Cleansing Kit $98.50

Para Cleanse

Unwanted guests may not only rob us of our nutrition, they may poison us with their toxic waste


The Para Cleansing Kit made by Blessed Herbs is fomulated to provide the dietary support of traditional herbs for managing populations of intestinal organisms, both large and small, towards a more healthy balance.*



the Para Cleansing Kit $98.50


 More common than many realize
Up to 50% of the population may carry at least one form of unwanted guest and possibly more. They often produce vague symptoms of digestive distress, allergies, or unexplained fatigue. Unwanted guests are good at what they do. They usually survive without detection and often mimic symptoms of other diseases. Living within our digestive tracts, they can rob us of our nutrition and burden our body with their toxic secretions. Unwanted guests range from microscopic amoebas to large intestinal worms up to several feet long. Over 100 types can inhabit the human body, some with a life span of over 30 years. Unwanted guests can be picked up almost anywhere: your pets, gardening, international travel, food, water, soil, and even air, to name just a few.

Primary Signs
- Chronic fatigue
- Diarrhea & Abdominal Pain
- Blood or Worms in Stools
- Itchy anus; especially at night

Secondary Signs
- Low immune response
- Constipation or Diarrhea
- Gas and bloating
- Irritable or inflamed bowels
- Joint and muscle aches
- Anemia
- Allergic reactions
- Skin conditions/itch or rash
- Nervous irritability
- Sleep disturbances
- Nausea or vomiting
- Grinding teeth at night
- Losing weight with ravenous appetite
- Stomach ache or burn

In Depth
Unwanted guests rob one's nutrition and energy, taking directly from the digestive tract. This can lead to an overall depressed body and systems. By eliminating unwanted guests one can reclaim their digestive system and greatly enhance energy levels.

 The Internal Cleansing Kit contains a Para Cleanse.


the Internal Cleansing Kit $275

Z- Users Guide (Internal Cleansing Kit) $12.5 Each>


the Internal Cleansing Kit $275 >